MX 2008 | Margaret Gould Stewart | The Manager As Tailor: A User-centered Guide to Managing Creative Teams

Think about the best manager you ever had. What were the traits that made him or her so effective? Chances are, it had to do with a match up of skills, aptitudes, and the right context. So how can managers of creative teams be more effective in their roles and bring out the best in their teams?
Margaret Stewart has nearly 15 years experience managing creative teams in various types of settings, varying from high tech start-ups, to major financial institutions, to her current position as User Experience Manager at Google. In this session, she’ll discuss:
The traits that make some managers particularly effective, how she has customized her management style over the years to both corporate context and the individuals on the teams she has led, plus some specific tactics and tools she uses to refine and improve her management practices.
Come prepared to share your thoughts and ideas about great managers you have known, and what has worked well for you as a creative leader within your organization. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of how you can be a great mentor, coach, and advocate for your team.