UX Week 2008 | Dan Albritton | Your Phone is Your Controller

In this talk, Dan Albritton (speaking in the place of Jury Hahn) from MegaPhone will discuss using cell phones as game controllers to interact with large public displays. MegaPhone uses the simplest possible interaction method available on a cell phone: A phone call. By making a phone call to a regular phone number, users can send commands to a game on screen using keypresses and voice. Jury will discuss a variety of real world case-study applications, and the challenges involved in making powerful massively multiplayer onscreen experiences with relatively simple controls. She will also discuss the way MegaPhone collaborates with different types of creative organizations so you can let your mind wander and invent your own uses for the MegaPhone interaction model. Come play MegaPhone and don’t forget to turn on your phone before the session starts!