From the designer’s laptop to the user’s – and everything in between by Allard van Helbergen

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You’ll learn:
—How Atlassian builds and manages their design system across their product suite
—How the Design System team empowers users by iterating with research and testing
—How design and engineering cooperate to be efficient and productive

Allard van Helbergen
Sr. Designer in the Design System team at Atlassian
Allard is a Sr. Designer in the Design System team at Atlassian. He is passionate about the cross-section between design and technology, and how it helps teams be more productive. He previously worked at Google, Brandwatch, and various startups in roles as an analyst, designer and full-stack dev. As an avid wind-/kite-/snow-/skate-/everythingboarder he loves the rush of adrenaline as well as watching cartoons on Sunday morning.